Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday morning brought waffles and LOTS of crawling around by Brooklyn. It is, in fact, the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. She gets a kick out of herself too. Oh I love that baby. 

The weather definitely could have hindered our activities for the day, but we didn't let it. Deven didn't go to class (for good reason) and was going downtown to donate plasma after Brooklyn's nap. We decided to accompany him and venture over to the Gateway for a little browsing/walking/shopping. 

First stop, Anthropologie. The store was extra glorious I tell ya. They've changed the layout a tad since my last visit and oh it brought joy to my heart. Luckily for me, Brooklyn was very much enjoying riding in her stroller and was happy to just browse right along with me. We made plans for fun things we'll someday buy down the road. Fun stuff huh Brookie?

We visited several other stores including but not limited to f21, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, The Loft, the water fountains, and finally into Dick's Sporting Goods to get away from the crazy wind. Holy moly. It was a bitter wind. It hurt a little. Fortunately, Brooklyn was facing the opposite way and was bundled up nice and tight. She started to get fussy in Dick's and I was very grateful to have brought some of her snacks to tide her over. She started getting sleepy. 

We left Dick's and found a nice quiet, dark spot inside one of the parking garage lobbies and Brooklyn fell asleep almost instantly. I rocked the stroller back and forth and checked messages on my phone. Then, my phone died. Like, turned off and wouldn't turn back on. I had a full battery. What the heck?! My palms started to sweat. My face got hot. Deven had my car. How would he ever find us. Would we ever make it home again? I'm such a panic-er! I made my way across the street, Brooklyn still out for the count, to call Dev from a pay phone. He didn't answer so I left a message and prayed he listened to it. Then it was back across the street to hunker down in the lobby again.

 Not even five minutes later, I see Dev drive passed. I run for the door, Brookie still out, and try to turn my phone on again. Magically, it does. Dev calls me. He finds me. We load Brookie and the stroller into the car.I bask in the warmth of my car. Brookie wakes up. She makes happy noises. We make it home in one piece. 

What a day. But a good day. I now know that Brooklyn will be good in her stroller (facing out), but only good for about an hour. I can handle that. She will need a snack and then a nap. Our next trip out to browse/walk/shop will probably be to the new City Creek Center in a few weeks. An hour will be plenty of time for me. Brookie too.

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