Monday, February 27, 2012


Weekending is easy.

Weekending is fun.

Weekending is relaxing.

Weekending is rejuvenating.

This past weekend was all of the above. 

Friday night, James, Brooklyn, Chuck, Whit, Kayla, Jeremy, and I made the trek down to American Fork to meet up with Amanda and Mackay for some dinner. We chose Costa Vida. Mmm. All of American Fork was packed. Seriously. Parking lots and restaurants were full. So while we waited in line at Costa Vida, Brooklyn had plenty of time to have a blow out. Sweet. I swiftly took her to the bathroom before any more poop could escape her clothing...bathroom occupied...with a line. So, I took her poopy bum right out to Chuck and Whit's car to change her back seat style. She didn't like the cold breeze she got from that method, but was stoked to be heading back into the restaurant.

(all eyes on Kayla - her story was riveting)

Luckily for us, two tables opened up and we promptly moved them together and started to inhale our food. There was lots of chatting and surf watching. It wore Brooklyn right out. She was exhausted from singing to everyone at the restaurant at the top of her lungs. Girl can yell!

Next stop, Culver's. I've already mentioned this place before. Just know that I love it. And so does Kayla.

It was a little late when we got home. But that didn't end the party. No no. The boys started a long night of X-Box-ing and us girls, well we snuggled up on my bed and took lots of pictures of ourselves.

and for the finale...

we brought out the red lipstick

Saturday brought a tired baby...

2 trips to f21. Kayla and Haley have loved this store forever. They couldn't talk me into going in there, ever. But this past summer, however, they did something about their organization and it made me love it too. This weekend was the first time I got to go there with those two. 

The first trip I left empty handed, and the second, I left with these little darlings.
(thanks Hay)

It also brought, homemade mac and cheese, 3 Little Caesar's pizzas, a visit from my parents, Downton Abbey re runs with my mom, beating up the stains in our white tanks, and finally watching this:

(I love him.)

I'd say it was a pretty darn good weekend. 

Weekending ends too quickly.

Weekending doesn't come around soon enough.

Weekending is my new best friend.

Weekending. I love you.

See you next weekend.

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