Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special Sunday Edition

Sunday, for me, started out like this.

Sacrament meeting at the rest home in our ward.

 I was in charge of taking a few young women over so that they could help wheel those who would like to come to church down the hall and into the meeting room. They also were in charge of a musical number. I have awesome young women. The rest home is always an adventure/comedy waiting to happen. The people there are always sweet and very excited to be in attendance.

Then it was home for a bit and back to my regular meetings. James and I were pretty proud of ourselves because we'd let Brooklyn wear herself out and she fell asleep as we were walking into the chapel. Proud parents we were. That is until the sacrament was over. She was wide awake and ready to use those lungs of hers. I booked it out into the hall with her. She was waving and talking to everyone we passed in the hall. She was a happy church going baby.

(mother's lounge post feeding)

That is, until I took her into the mother's lounge to feed her during Sunday school. She's not a fan of nursing in there. She'd rather get down on the floor and play than eat. Little stinker. We did get to work on learning how to be reverent though. Didn't we Brookie?

(2 minutes after picture above)

She did fine in young women's until there was about thirty minutes left. Then, she'd had it. With hardly any nap at all and all the extra stimulation she'd had all day, she was done for. So, I took her out into the hall once again. 

After church and home teachers, Brooklyn has been taking the most glorious nap. Hopefully, recharging her happy battery. We have a big night ahead. The Oscars, big bowls of cereal, ya know, that kind of big stuff. We love Sundays at our house. And they just got  more interesting with a 7 month old in the house.

BEST NEWS of the day! I found one of Brooklyn's Aiden and Anais blankets that has been missing since November! It was in the lost and found at church. Prayers ARE answered. 

Here's a little sneak peek of what you'll be hearing about (reading about) tomorrow.

ahem...if you haven't made the switch over to --- now would be the perfect time!

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