Monday, February 6, 2012

A Super Weekend . . .

When I was little, and living in Rich county, my parents often when to dinner with friends or relatives in Evanston. There were a few spots they would hit up that are super yummy restaurants. One of those being Bon Ricos. I always wondered what that place was like. I heard about the steak and fried shrimp and how divine they were, but never experienced it for myself. Until Friday night.

We met my grandma and her husband there for our reservation at 7. What a great reunion we had. It was especially great for Dev, who had not yet seen my grandma since his return from his mission. There was a long hug a few tears shed. Such a sweet moment.

Our table was nice and long. The walls were adorned with Christmas lights. The table cloth was white, the walls rustic with wood paneling. Very quaint. There were lots of different conversations and Brooklyn was passed from one end of the table to the other. She couldn't get over the ceiling fans. Both of them! I don't think she's ever seen two ceiling fans going at the same time, right next to each other. Mind blowing I tell ya. 

The food was delish. I ordered the salmon and ceasar salad. Heaven. In my mouth. I also scored a few bites of steak and onion rings from my husband. Oh, and a few onion rings from my dad, a bite of Kayla's fettuccine, and a little taste of Haley's crab legs. I definitely made my way around the table taste testing anything and everything that people were willing to give.

The night ended all too quickly and it was sad to say goodbye. Family gatherings are like that though. They take forever to happen and then end almost as soon as they begin.

Saturday was busy at the Holmes household. Almost everyone had places to be, so James, Brooklyn, and I just relaxed and hung out. Whit spent most of the day with me and we had a great time just talking and playing with Brooklyn. When everyone returned home, we ate some good ol' KFC and had rice krispie treats for dessert. It was a much needed day of rest and relaxation.

(my mom can rock the colored denim)

We were at the Ruesches for the Super Bowl this year, where we enjoyed a feast. A Super Bowl feast, if you will. Meatballs of every kind, guacamole, Stromboli, and other goodies filled the serving table and we filled up! I don't need to eat for a week. We enjoyed the game. The ending was just how we'd hoped it be. Go Giants! None of us were fans of either team, but we all ended up cheering on the Giants. 

The highlight of Brooklyn's Super Bowl ???

The red vines.

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