Friday, February 3, 2012

On a Thursday...

False Lash February continues...and so does my sickness. Today I was ready to punch it in the face. Hard. Why can't it just go far far away and never come back? Is that too much to ask? I have tried everything: opening my windows and airing the place out, washing things over and over, drinking lots of water, and even cleaning my carpets for crying out loud. It's not working.

Don't let my smile fool you.

I felt no bueno in this picture but I'm smiling because I am wearing my new favorite shirt. You can't see it in all its' glory, I know. But don't worry. I'll be wearing it tonight to dinner in Wyoming. I'll take a few pictures in it. Better than that, I get to go see my Grandma Jackie, who's been battling lung cancer for the past year. I can't wait to see her.
Just like the day before, Brooklyn and I laid low. We went nowhere. In fact, our schedule was so messed up (somebody decided to wake up at 3 and play til 5) that we didn't get ready for the day until noon. Yep, you heard right. Noon. I do not like that. 

So, we played and laid the day away. Brooklyn had two really awesome naps. And I...well I, I watched some Downton Abbey. Great accents, great costuming, great show. Check it out. 

Thank goodness it's Friday. As cliche as it is, it's true. I need a a serious break. Plus, it's Super Bowl weekend. I love me some football. I just hope it's a good game. Halftime should be entertaining. Madonna + Nicki Minaj = weird, but good.

I'm prayin' for health in my home come next week. A healthy husband. A healthy baby. A healthy me. Or else. We have something Valentiney planned to do on Monday. And we must look and feel good. Oh please let us feel good. Please be good to us weekend.

(one of her favorite spots to hang out)

(her favorite spot to fall asleep)

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