Monday, February 13, 2012

Give me an R!

Give me an S! Give me a V! What does that spell? Yep. It surely does. RSV. That's what Brooklyn was diagnosed with on Friday. Including a nice little ear infection to go with it. They pair so well together. Not. But thankfully, she is getting better. And just in time, because this weekend was a big one. We spent it in Cokeville for family stuff. A baby shower/mission farewell. Unfortunately, I left my handy dandy camera at my grandma's. So, for are some pics of us sleeping...and trying to sleep this weekend. 

Brooklyn didn't fall asleep until 1:30 AM on Saturday night. She was one hyper girl. She chased that balloon around our room for over an hour. We thought it would wear her out. Apparently not.

We rode home with Whit and Chandler. I was lucky enough to take a little nap. I think I caught what Brooklyn has, minus the ear infection. No bueno. I think my body is giving up on trying to get better. It's throwing in the towel. Waving the white flag. 


I'm sick with my lashes on so that makes it a little better right?

Today will be treated as another sick day. Lots of water, Netflix, and medicine up the wazoo. But, we're super excited for Valentine's day tomorrow. Super excited.

(doing a breathing treatment on Friday at the doc)

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