Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a goodie.

We spent time with family.

Brooklyn enjoyed my parents' Christmas tree.

I, sadly, watched my Pokes and Aggies lose. Sad.

I spent lots of time shopping with my mom and sister and lots of time visiting with all of them Friday night and Saturday.

Saturday night we went to a Ruesch Cousin Christmas Cookie party in Pleasant Grove. It was great to see all those cousins. Especially the ones we don't see very often.

Sunday was James' family Christmas party in Taylorsville. There was lots and lots of eating and lots of visiting, ending with a program.

(Chelsea enjoying the party)

(family pic taken in the mother's lounge)

This next week brings busy busy business and lots of family stuff. We look forward to it and hope to get lots of sleep to be able to keep up with it all, but most importantly, hope to be able to keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and remember the reason for this special time of year.

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