Monday, December 26, 2011

Hotel Christmas Party 2011

I can't even remember when the hotel Christmas party started. Years ago. I can't even remember not having it.

(Brookie & I ready for the party)

It's a fun tradition.

It starts out with soups, rolls, cheeses, veggies, and then tables full of desserts.

Then, it's the famous cousin gift exchange.

Followed by opening pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa.

(the tutu didn't last long)

Brooklyn loved opening her gifts. Well, she liked trying to eat the paper. She got some fun books from great-grandma and grandpa.

The rest of the night is full of visiting, YouTube videos, more eating, and lots of swimming.

(playing with Uncle Chandler in her new Christmas jammies)

There are also lots and lots of hot chocolate breaks,

 more visiting,

(Kayla and McKay - McKay's last hotel party for awhile. He'll be serving in the Long Beach California mission starting in February.)

(this crew played in the pool until the wee hours of the morning)

and more dessert.

(Aunt Holly's famous oreos)

Everyone stays up late visiting and then wakes up early Christmas Eve to enjoy the continental breakfast. This year we were lucky enough to Skype one of the several cousins serving a mission. Hayden is in Mozambique and loving every day.

The Christmas party at the hotel is a great tradition that we hope to be able to keep doing for a long time. We love to be together and it's nice to all be able to be in the same place for an overnight get together.

It's a great way to bring in Christmas Eve and make everyone excited for Christmas. It never disappoints.

On another note...

I received one of my favorite gifts of the year at the Christmas party.

This book.

From this Aunt...

She decided she wanted to pass on the tradition of my grandmother and herself by giving all of the married cousins this book to record important things. Some of her suggestions included:

big purchases: date, how much
paint colors in your home
heights of your children every year
dates of important recitals, games, performances
dates of when your children start lessons of any kind (piano, football, dance)

I am giddy about this book. I can't wait to get started. So many great things to fill the pages. I have so many ideas my head is going to explode before I can get them all written down.

Isn't that a great present?

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