Monday, December 12, 2011

Dev's 1st weekend home

Oh my gosh this weekend was a blast to say the least. Having Dev come home was better than I ever could have expected. 

Waiting for him to get off the plane was not so fun. Lots of anxiousness.

Brooklyn was decked out in North Carolina blue to welcome her Uncle Dev home.

When the big moment finally arrived, Brooklyn was screaming because she was starving. Darn it. But watching him ride down that escalator was the sweetest thing!

 (hug for Mom)

(my turn)


Dev had so much support not only at the airport but during his whole mission. He has great family and friends.

(first time holding Brooklyn)

After all the hugs and happy tears, all 30 + of us headed to Red Robin for dinner.

We couldn't wait to get home so that we could all just chat and literally just stare at Dev. We followed him around the house to see his reaction to all of the changes that took place while he was gone.

We were all just giddy (and goofy) to have him home.

Friday we all hung out together and went shopping in Park City. It was surreal to be all together as a family. 

Saturday morning my dad and Dev headed to Logan to get Dev hooked up with a car. While they were gone, my mom, Whitney, and I took Brooklyn to get her ears pierced. Not fun. I am not a very brave mom.

Saturday night we all went to dinner at Cafe Rio. Thanks Mom and Dad.

After dinner Dev and Kenzee headed back to Henefer so without Dev entertaining us, we had to entertain ourselves. Googs took care of that by making everyone play a game. I can't remember what it was called.

Sunday morning brought breakfast and getting ready for the dinner after Dev's mission report.

Dev had so much support. There were chairs set up clear to the stage. Haley got to speak too, lucky girl. She did a great job. Dev's talk was really good as well. He really loved his mission and all of the people he met. 

His dinner afterward was at the high school cafeteria. My mom said we served over 80 people. Such great support!

(so fun to see the David Holmes family)

(some friends and mission comps)

(my grandparents were a great support to Dev on his mission)

(cute Ben and Mitch playing with Brooklyn)

Brooklyn finally got to meet her cousin Berkley.

As a finale to our fun family weekend, we hunkered down in the basement to watch The Santa Clause, a family favorite.

It is so good to have Dev home. He has grown so much spiritually and has come home a man. It's crazy how grown up he is. We love him so much and are so excited to make more memories with him.

*Gold star to whoever can tell me how many times I used the word 'Dev'.  :)

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