Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

Brooklyn and I made the trek up to Huntsman today to take James to lunch. She did so well in the car. Usually she cries as soon as she gets in her car seat, but she fell asleep almost immediately. Good girl.

We were going to go the healthy route {Subway} but couldn't stay away from the neighboring restaurant... Costa Vida. We chowed down on some sweet pork burritos and then indulged on a little tres leches cake. So good.

Brooklyn slept for most of it, but was happy as a clam when she woke up in the restaurant and just wanted to smile and talk. We took advantage of her happy disposition and went shopping for a little while. She let us know when it was time to be done.

It was fun to spend lunch time with James. We miss him while he's off working so hard for us. He enjoyed seeing us a little bit too I think. :)

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