Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Brooklyn, James, and I got to go visit my grandparents up at my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tom's this evening. They always come down for General Conference and stay for a few days. We love having them in Salt Lake. They just couldn't get enough of Brooklyn.

(these Wyoming residents are so excited for the Star Valley temple)

She loved Grandpa Tub's deep voice.

And of course, Grandma Carol had just the right touch. I love my grandparents and any chance I get to spend time with them.

They treated James and I to dinner, where Grandpa gave Brooklyn her first taste of Dr. Pepper. She loved it! Oh boy! Dinner wore her out and she fell asleep for awhile.

But of course started crying as we drove over to the hospital to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb. She was starving by then and wouldn't let anyone cuddle her. Aunt Barb's been dying to see her again and just wanted to squeeze her. I told her we'd come visit again when Brooklyn was in a better mood.

We said goodbye and headed home, starving baby in tow. She ate and then was in the best mood. I put up some Halloween decorations and then we all snuggled on the couch watching the flame of my pumpkin spice candle. Because October 1st was on the Saturday of conference, our new family tradition was put on the back burner. Hopefully it'll happen sometime this week! I love October!

(I love my grandpa's face in this picture)

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