Monday, October 3, 2011

October General Conference 2011

I love conference weekend! It comes and goes so quickly that I really try to savor every moment. We spent it with family and wouldn't want it any other way.

The weekend actually started with Brooklyn and I meeting up with another BFF of mine, emilee, and going to dinner. It had been way too long since our last get together and I think another one should already be in the works. I love her and miss hanging out with her all the time.

The Cougars beat the Aggies...dumb. But atleast James was happy. We'll get 'em next year!

Saturday morning after our showers and breakfast, we listened to conference. I enjoy conference more and more with each new stage in my life. Being a mother gave me a whole new perspective and the messages touched my heart a little more tenderly.

Brooklyn loved being the center of attention everywhere we went.

James continued his tradition of going to the priesthood session with his dad and brother. They said it was great. I always enjoy reading talks from that session.

We sang happy birthday to Gary and then we were on our way over the mountain to Coalville. Brooklyn was so excited to see her Auntie Googs. They stayed up late and had some bonding time.

Sunday morning breakfast was the traditional butterscotch rolls. I had four.

I finally gave in to Aunt Haley's request to paint Brooklyn's toe nails. She painted one foot and Aunt Whitney did the other. It was a group effort. They turned out so cute. Brooklyn loves them too.

We finished conference weekend off with chili and cornbread and brownies for dessert. Perfect. We had a great weekend spent with our family and enjoying the messages from our church leaders.


Brooklyn sleeping well
announcement of the Star Valley, Wyoming temple!
purchasing my fall/winter candles
primary choir: Heaveny Father Loves Me
ribs for Gary's birthday
produce from Chels
Brooklyn sleeping well again-6 hours
butterscotch rolls
peek-a-boo with Uncle Colby
Sister Dalton's talk
James and Brooklyn on the tramp
afternoon nap
my USU shirt-thanks Googs
safe (quiet) trip home

Yay for October and Halloween decorations!

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