Thursday, October 20, 2011

Uncle Colby

Colb came to stay with us last night. We love when he comes to visit. James loves having him around because he's a great play mate and I like him around because I just love the kid. We've been close for a long time, we have inside jokes, and we can tease each other without hurting each other's feelings.

James loved playing X Box all night with him and Brooklyn loved the attention she got from him. They had to babysit her while I went to a corn maze for young women's. Lucky for them she behaved better than she did for me earlier. I went to meet our friend Jess {Sam} for some shopping at the District but Brooklyn wouldn't have it. We went back to her house and were able to chat for a little bit, swap Mommy Stories. Sam is such a cute little boy, a doll. I'm glad Jess was patient with Brooklyn, otherwise we would have been out of there after 10 minutes.

Colby starts radiation in a little bit and we hope it goes well for him. He's ready for all of this to be over with, and so are we. 

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