Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ruby Monday Nights

It was so fun being able to see Grandma Jackie and Miles last night. The best part was watching Grandma meet Brooklyn. So sweet. Brooklyn talked and smiled the whole time. Grandma loved it.


We enjoyed dinner together at Ruby Tuesdays. There seemed to be a recurring seafood theme around the table. James and I were stuffed with shrimp by the time we left. It totally hit the spot.

It was so nice to visit with grandma all evening. I miss seeing her often. She's doing really well and it was so good to see her. I told her she needs to come down and visit again soon and we'll make a shopping trip to Brass Plum. That store screams Grandma Jackie! It is totally her style. She's the most stylish grandma out there. Great-grandma even! Oh we love our grandma Jackie!

Pictures from dinner:

lastly...this baby was a happy girl this morning

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