Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend...

started out Friday night going to 'Scary Movie Night' at John and Angela's in Draper. We watched the BYU game, ate lots of candy and pizza, and then watched Step Brothers (the edited version mind you). It wasn't a scary movie, but we all enjoyed it. It was hilarious. We really enjoyed the movie and the company. They are so hospitable and their kids are adorable.

Saturday morning came nice and early. I got up extra early to get myself ready for family pictures and then had to wake Brooklyn up to get her ready. We timed it almost just right, getting there only 5 minutes after we were supposed to be there, but, unfortunately, I forgot the cute mustard-colored sweater Brooklyn was going to wear in the pictures. Sad day. We all had on long sleeves, and my poor freezing baby only had on her short sleeve corduroy dress and tights. So she would be bundled with blankets before and after each picture. She did just great and cooperated most of the time. The leaves were beautiful and the air crisp, such a nice fall morning.

Brooklyn and I took naps that afternoon and then geared up for the annual neighborhood chili cook-off. Again, a most perfect fall evening. It wasn't too cold at all. We visited with lots of friends from the ward and ate some delicious food: hot dogs, scones, chili, doughnuts, and all other kinds of desserts.

We then headed up to Whit and Chandler's for a movie night. My mom was kind enough to take Brooklyn to her house while we watched the movie. I thought for sure I could be away from her for a movie-lengths time. Boy was I wrong. Even with the person I trust most in the world, Brooklyn still missed her mommy. With a half hour left in the movie my mom called me to let me know that Brooklyn was very sad and wanted her mom. We knew she wasn't hungry because it had only been an hour and half. After the movie was over I raced to my mom's and snatched up that sweet little crying baby and squeezed her. She was so sad. It broke my heart. I won't be leaving her for that long again for awhile. Only with her dad is she ok for that long without me. Thank goodness for that though!

(bow made from grandma's old nylons - mommy forgot one for church)

Sunday was spent going to a homecoming, lounging, and eating lots of no bake cookies. It was such a nice Sunday. And more than anything, such a nice weekend. This fall has been more than perfect. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to a mild (fingers crossed) winter.

h a p p y  h a l l o w e e n

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