Thursday, October 6, 2011

Snuggled up...

Boy am I enjoying being a stay at home mom right now. With the weather changing, becoming a bit more cozy, I think back to days when I would be in my classroom wishing that I was like my students' moms. I wanted to be a mom preparing an after school snack and kissing cold cheeks as they walked through the door. This weather always made me yearn for motherhood just a little bit more.

So, today, I snuggled with my baby and thanked my Heavenly Father for the gift that she truly is. We cozied up on the couch and while we snuggled I watched some online tv shows and did laundry in between.

Oh it was a good day. A cozy day. It would have only been better if James would've been home to snuggle on the couch with too.

Along with the cozy feeling of the day came my urge to prepare a cozy dinner, one that reminded me of cozy days passed. Chinese casserole:
cream of mushroom soup
and fried onions on top


such a comfort food for me.

we ate it with bread and jam and concord grapes. I was sad Brooklyn couldn't try any. She'll love it when she's older.

We still haven't caught up and done our October 1st tradition yet, hopefully tomorrow or Friday. Until then, here are a few pictures of my Halloween decor.

(Brooklyn loves the string of bats, loves them)

And a cute one of Brooklyn for good measure.

This girl loves her baths! She gets excited every morning when she knows it's coming and then when she gets in she's totally in the zone. As you can see in her face here. That expression doesn't change.

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