Friday, September 2, 2011

Promenade in the Park

Last night we packed up our cell phones, wallets, diapers, you name it, and made the short trip to Pleasant Grove. Brooklyn stayed awake right until we got there but didn't make a peep. Luckily, her mom sat next to her and held her binky in and held her hand the WHOLE trip :)

We pulled into town and made a quick stop at their Promenade in  the park. There were all kinds of booths and some fun music playing in the background. James pushed the stroller and I did the shopping.

I went there specifically for the $1 headbands. I walked away with a handful of them and a cute necklace. Brooklyn walked away with some adorable fairy wings. And James, well he was content to be done and make sure he didnt miss opening kick-off of the Utah football game. 

So we packed up the stroller and headed to Aunt Suzanne's house. We don't get to see them often so it was good to have an excuse to make the trip to PG.

We visited, ate taco salad, and watched the game. But mostly visited. Brooklyn gets spoiled with them just like she does with our families. She was passed from cousin to aunt to cousin and back around again. They loved on her and she loved every minute (she did fuss a little, but that's what gas'll do to ya). 

With an hour before closing time, all of the lady folk headed back to the Promenade for one last gander at all the goods. More headbands were purchased and Manda and I even got matching rings. Not like the BFF kind. We just both spotted them and couldnt leave without one on our finger. The air had cooled off immensely since day time and it really felt like fall. It smelled like it too.

It was a great night and a great kick off to fall with taco salad, great company, and a cool night. We went home with full tummies and happy hearts.

Thanks Reynolds family.

And congrats to Manda and Mackay on their big exciting news! We hope it's a girl so Brooklyn has someone to play dolls with at Spring Haven.

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