Monday, September 19, 2011

First Football Game

Look how cute my husband and daughter look


how rough and tired I look.

This was the beginning of our weekend.

It started in Coalville at the Homecoming football game. When we drove into town it was pouring rain so we watched the first half of the game from my parents' cozy couch. We listened to my dad announce the game on the tv broadcast. It was crazy to not see him down on the field with his headset on.

At half time we bundled Brooklyn up and headed to the game. Grandma Diane held her for the rest of the game which meant Brooklyn had a front row seat to watch Aunt Haley cheer. The game didn't end as we had hoped, but we got Aunt Haley to smile for a picture.

Back at my parents' we scarffed down pizza and parade candy. Brooklyn wore her Braves headband since she didn't get to wear it at the game. I loved seeing her in her beenie because it reminded me of how she looked in the hospital. Oh how tiny she was!

She slept with Aunt Haley and woke up only once to see Mommy. It was nice. And here she is in her cute weekend jammies and happy as a clam Saturday morning.

We enjoyed the rest of the day lounging and eating heaping bowls of my mom's homemade macaroni and cheese. Later that afternoon we headed to Clinton to watch the BYU game with James' family. Chelsea and I took off to do a little shopping/browsing and the boys took their turn watching Brooklyn. It was fun to get away for a little bit, not to mention it was topped off with a little raspberry gelato at Harmon's.

Upon our return, the boys headed out to get us all dinner from Sonic. Seriously, their grilled cheese is the best. We finished eating and got settled in for the game. This picture was taken before it started...obviously.

Even though the game ended terribly, James was able to get in the car to go home with a smile on his face. I think it has something to do with Brooklyn because before she came along, there was no smiling after a loss until the next day. Hopefully they'll do better next weekend so that as we celebrate James and Jeremy's birthdays it can actually be a celebration. It would be nice for all of us.

Here's to another great week, lots accomplished, and a fun birthday for my sweet husband. And of course, the start of my working out mania!!! (ok not mania, just regular working out!)

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