Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Anyone who knows me (well enough) knows that I love watching Studio 5 on KSL. I still don't get to watch it every day because I have to adhere to little poopsie's schedule and sometimes that includes being fussy during that time.

However, I got to watch it this morning and boy am I glad! For those of you who didn't get to catch it, allow me to introduce you to TABATA.

Tabata is the new craze in fitness. When I first heard this word I was immediately intimidated. Seriously. Tabata? Ya. Anyway, it's not intimidating at all and I can't wait to try it.

Here's the basic breakdown of it.

It's a 4 minute work out. (how awesome is that?!)

Your 'workout' can be running, biking, swimming, basically anything cardio.

You warm up first and then for 20 seconds you push your body as hard as it can go.

Then rest for 10 seconds.

You repeat this 8 times and that totals 4 minutes.

It supposedly keeps your 'fat burning machine' going even after you're done.

So if you sit and watch yourself a little tv later that night, you'll be burning more calories than the person sitting next to you who didn't do Tabata that day, just sitting in a relaxed state.

It sounds great to me. Especially since my work-out time is so limited right now. I really can't wait to try it!

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