Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fan Club

I am exhausted.

But what a good night.

Chinese food with my parents,

grocery shopping with James, while Brooklyn stayed with my parents,

and homemade raspberry shakes!

What a treat.

The Chinese food was awesome as well. We had to wait to go out for diner because Brooklyn had to eat first. She took her dear sweet time. :) So by the time we got there we were all starved!

It definitely hit the spot.

I am so grateful that my parents love my daughter as much as they do. They obviously have very tender places in their hearts for her and it is so special.

I joke that the only person I dare leave my baby with is my mom. I don't say that or mean that to offend anyone, it's just hard to leave your baby when you're a new mom. And I know that my mom would take care of her better than I could. I know there are others who would do just fine and I am definitely going to warm up to that.

I love that so many people love this daughter of mine. She's pretty special.

She is so lucky to have the fan club that she does.

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