Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Her daddy...

The countdown above...is wrong.

It's right.

But it's also wrong.

My actual due date is in fact in 20 days,


the baby is coming via c-section in 14 days.

2 weeks from yesterday.

She decided not to turn, and I decided not to do it for her.

It's really starting to sink in. Especially for James. It makes me laugh when he thinks about it too deeply and says something like, "IT IS CRAZY!" I feel the same way. This is something we've been waiting for, and now that it's just around the corner it definitely feels surreal. 

Last night as we lay in bed, me with my eyes fighting to stay open, and James with his phone, trying to make the battery die all the way, he came across something insane.

A 19 pound baby! What?! How does that even happen?! We looked at the pictures and laughed in amazement. What will our baby look like?

Blonde hair, brown hair?

Straight hair, curly hair?

Blue eyes, green eyes?

Between the two of us, she could come out looking like nothing we've even guessed.

But I know she'll be beautiful and that we'll love her more than we can even imagine right now. 

James is going to be such a good dad. He talks about all the things he'll do with her (or things I should do with her). He thinks it's so cute when she has the hiccups and he can feel her jumpin' around in there. She'll be his little buddy. He needs a buddy. Sometimes I'm not very fun. But I'm sure she'll be up for all of his crazy fun ideas and activities.

She's going to love her daddy. 

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