Thursday, June 9, 2011


I love having people around me with good ideas.
Jen Bertoch is one of those.
She is so talented and has like a gazillion ideas up her sleeve.

She makes granola bars from scratch, homemade bread, takes incredible pictures, makes her house look darling, and is a great mother. She was kind enough to give me a recipe for homemade bread that she loves.
James always appreciates anything I make homemade. The little sweetie.
He recognizes the effort and heart put into it.

Like dinner for instance, homemade mac and cheese with tomatoes and parmesean cheese with shrimp on the side.
He acted like it was gourmet. It makes me feel so good. And for that, there's more homemade where that came from hun.

I love being a homemaker.
It is satisfying and rewarding.
I can't wait to do it full time.
I too have lots of ideas up my sleeve, but I'm not in my home much to do those homemaker-ish things.
Soon. Soon.

Can't wait to try the bread recipe!

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