Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day 2011

How did we spend Father's day?

(yummy dessert)

(daddy to be)

(licking our dessert plates clean!)

(watching funny videos)

(James and Chandler enjoying the tramp and beautiful weather)

(I love this view from my parents' deck)

We also got to talk to Gary Saturday night. James was so excited! He's doing great and enjoying the people he is working with. He has been to some awesome places and seen lots of different countries. We're grateful that he's been safe and healthy. It still seems weird that he's gone. He's about half way done with the mission and will be home in September.

Just in time for the baby blessing.

Kayla was the Father's Day Elf Saturday night. While everyone was asleep, she made notes leading from the bedrooms my dad and James were sleeping in that led them to the bathroom closest to that room. Here's what she left them:

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