Thursday, May 26, 2011



I have been loving all things w h i t e .

I have always loved white things, but recently I have been a little obsessed and notice every little white thing out there!

Here are a few white things that I love:
(how many times have I used the word white in this post?)

(this screams summer to me)

(I wonder what I could put in all of those drawers...)


(dream collection)

(never with kids in my house)


Today I got an email from the author Josi Kilpack...

(I loved this book!)

Her new book, Pumpkin Roll, is coming out in the fall AND I am so excited! She also talked about her next book that she's working on, Banana Split. Two new culinary mysteries??? I can hardly wait

* Today, all 48 of my Kindergarteners are coming for the afternoon session to participate in Leadership Day. Please pray for me.

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