Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference April '11

Friday night, after stuffing ourselves at Red Robin and lying around the house for awhile, Gary gave all of us priesthood blessings.

It was awesome and touching.

Saturday morning we were all awake and out the door by 5 AM.

We arrived at the airport to say our last goodbyes. Everyone was really tough. Only a few tears were shed. Very impressive. We got home and everyone crashed for a couple hours.

(US at Wise Guys - James is the camera man)

We woke up just in time to watch the first session of general conference, which was fabulous. We showered and got ready for the day (the boys played b-ball), and then watched the second session.

Then the men were off to the priesthood session and the ladies were off to our regular priesthood session spot: Layton Hills Mall. Boy were Chels and I excited to see that one of our fave authors was there in person. Josi Kilpack rocks! Her books are so fun! If you haven't read them, you should.

(this is one of them! I am now 67th in line at the library for her most recent book in this series - I used to be 267th)

We chatted it up with her for awhile, then hit a few other stores and headed home. But not before we ordered Costa Vida. Then the boys could go pick it up on their way home.

We indulged, and then James and I headed to Coalville. We stayed up longer than we should have and then headed to bed.

We woke up to the wonderful aroma of Butterscotch Rolls, a family conference tradition. Mmm!

Everyone snuggled downstairs to watch conference together and then we ate (shocking) Sunday dinner, consisting of: my dad's famous dutch oven potatoes, chicken, asparagus and a fruit cup.

Amazingly enough, after being completely full, no one fell asleep during the last session of conference. It was so enjoyable. We even ate a truck load of candy (no joke) during.

The boys played Play Station and we even played a board game (this does not happen very often). Aunt Julie and her kids stopped by for a sec. It was so fun to see them. Cute cute family!

We ate again...k this sounds ridiculous, this time, it was Chocolate Roll. Another family tradition. It tasted better than I remember. Seriously.

It was a great conference weekend for us, full of great family and great food.

We wrapped up our March Madness run last night, watching the NCAA Championship game. I {heart} the Butler Bulldogs. They stole my heart last year. They didn't come up with a W but I still love them!

(their coach is awesome)

(their team is so talented)

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