Monday, March 28, 2011


This weekend was nice, relaxing, and productive.

 Friday = worked until 4, took a nap, James grilled hamburgers, we watched the ohio st/kentucky game (busted my bracket), and made milkshakes (with lots of reeses!).

Saturday = slept in a little, ate breakfast together, then worked our tails off cleaning the house. James made the 'office' a little more 'baby ready' and I got the other things in the house done, including every piece of laundry. He is a great organizer so this was a good job for him. We had all the windows in the house open because we were sweating from so much vigorous cleaning. We took a break for lunch, got back at it until about 2:30, and then watched the B U T L E R game. I just love those guys. Really. We both got showered and cleaned up, James headed to a guys' night out, and I to the General Young Women broadcast. Soo good. I love President Eyring. He is such an inspired leader. Got home, snuggled, and called it a night.

Sunday =  slept in a little (well I did), showered, curled my hair (for James), went to our meetings, ate dinner, made cookies, drove to Coalville, hung out with my dad and bro-in-law, watched Angels and Deamons (lots of guns and shooting), and gorged ourselves on popcorn and chocolate chip walnut cookies. It was a good relaxing night. My dad enjoyed the company, as my mom and sisters are in California until Tuesday, and we loved spending time with him. 

I've now washed my face, brushed my teeth, emailed my brother, and am now definitely ready for bed. Another week ahead. Two more until I am off track. 
I have lots of good things planned.

One of them involves this:

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