Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blood Orange

I was informed at my dr's appointment today that my due date has been moved up two days, due to the info they received from my 20 wk ultrasound. Not a huge difference, but S W E E T ! I'll take it. Anyway, I've about gained the weight I should by now, she's measuring where she should be, and next appointment...

I get to have my glucose test done.

Super fun.

I chose lemon-lime flavor.

Can't wait.

We bought our first box of these:
(minus the babies)

James was quite shocked to see how much they were. Boy is he in for some suprises down the road. We got them at Costco so it's a big box. 

We got lots of good produce at Sunflower market, including a Blood Orange beverage James wanted to try... looks tasty.

Mondays are a good day to have over with in any week. I can't wait for conference this weekend, and for a family temple trip tonight (with the Ruesches).

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