Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Convo Starter

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated my mom's birthday. What a special person she is! Whitney and I prepared dinner and Kayla set the table.

When I asked my mom what she wanted to eat, she gave me her typical response: I don't care, whatever's easiest. Well I wasn't gonna let her get away with that. So after a little more prodding, she decided on chicken noel and her favorite salad (for the dressing).

The meal was: chicken noel, grilled asparagas, 'the salad', rolls, a raspberry beverage, and a delectable chocolate cake (by Whit). My mom really wanted chocolate roll, but neither Whit or I wanted that much pressure for a birthday dinner. So we owe her one big chocolate roll! It's family tradition. 

Then we gathered around the tv to do one of our favorite things, watch home movies. We laughed. We were in disbelief. How have we all grown up so fast? Where did the time go?

We ended the night by answering "conversation starter" questions. Things like, what's your favorite thing about your mom or dad? Fun questions like that. Then James and I were out the door and on our way home to conquer another week.

I have parent teacher conferences. I have 3 down, 46 to go. Please pray for me. 

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