Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Saturday, Chels and I had our appointments with the Bobbi Brown consultants and make-up artists.

Sooooo fun and relaxing!

I love having people do my make-up. Wouldn't that be heaven? In my dreams!

My make-up artist was nice and professional. She had the same color of hair and eyes as me so she was able to give good suggestions for colors.

I almost loved the skin care more than I did the make-up.

Here were a few of my favorite things:

Hydrating Face Cream

Extra Repair Serum
Eye Concealer Kit
Burnished - Long Wear Cream Shadow

I love the Bobbi Brown line and wish I could afford everything in it!

(Chels and I-5 hours after make-up application)


You better believe our next stop was the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never movie.

And oh yes, it was good.

It took me back to my 14 year old days of being completely and utterly obsessed with 'N Sync. Any one who knows me, knows how obsessed I once was. It made me totally relate to the screaming fans in the movie. I can honestly say, I K N O W how they feel!

The movie really was good. He is such a talented kid. I love all his catchy songs, my favorite being Never Say Never. Chels and I blasted listened to it a couple times on the way to meet our husbands and friends for dinner. If you haven't heard the version with Jaden Smith rapping in it, you need to, you would like it, or love it!

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I got completely stuffed and James literally had to roll me outta the place. Such good food, and so fun to see friends we haven't seen in such a long time.

We ended the night at our house watching the first James Bond movie ever made, thanks to my husband. Dr. No was interesting to say the least. I was too uncomfortable from all the food I ate to really enjoy it. Hopefully that'll teach me my lesson to overeat as a pregnant woman.

Thanks F R I E N D S!

(the ladies)

(the fellas)
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