Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ropin deer & piggy back rides!

it was a wonderful, relaxing, uneventful, and,did i say relaxing, weekend.

friday night we thought about going to texas roadhouse for dinner... BUT, it was way too long to even get in the doors, let alone get a table.

so we opted for red robin. that's usually our go to place if neither of us can think of anything else. up until then, i hadn't been super into red meat since becoming pregnant. well, let me tell ya... that changed friday night. i ordered a whiskey river bbq burger and ate the WHOLE thing. you betcha! and it was good!

after that, i was pretty much a goner for the rest of the night. we rented a movie (salt, which i fell asleep after 45 minutes into it...too tired!), went to winco to get some goodies like granola, peachy rings, reeses pieces (you get the jist), and then we went home. i fell asleep during the movie, james finished the movie, and then we went to bed (that was about 10...real late!)

saturday we basically did nothing. we RELAXED. i cut james' hair and we straightened the house up, but we enjoyed having nothing to do and nowhere to go. that evening we did venture out to target, wal mart, honks, taco bell, and del taco (don't ask). we watched my alma mater (USU) kick some bum and then we went to bed.

sunday we went to our meetings and then headed up to coalville. we had the traditional sunday dinner and then camped out in the living room to just veg and visit.

james had lots of pent up energy so he got chuck (chandler) wired as well and they had a mission to rope a deer and maybe even tackle one. they spent lots of time and had a blast, but to no avail. the deer were much too sneaky and quick. maybe next time.

monday morning, we decided there was nothing to eat for breakfast, so my dad and i headed to the store to get a few items. we had waffles, omelets, bacon, and the likes. we ate around 11 jammin out to a valentine's mix my mom had. good food, good times.

then we all got ready and headed to pc (park city). first stop, home depot. my parents were on the hunt for some new cupboard knobs and handles. it took all 7 of us to figure out how many were needed. then we hit up tj maxx, where james got some sweet jeans. around 5 we headed to our family favorite, szechwan's,for dinner. james and i shared the sweet and sour chicken and ate ourselves sick. that place is awesome and reasonably priced!

(happy kayla!)

we then ventured over to wal-mart just to spend a little bit longer together before the long weekend was over. little did we know we'd have more fun in there in 30 minutes than we had all weekend. mostly just goofing around and a few other things i will not mention so as not to embarrass my family :)

(piggy back rides)

(now that my parents are going to be GRAND-parents, they feel they must look the part)

we parted ways and we (james and myself) headed up parley's. halfway down the canyon i decided we needed a cupcake and james wanted to go look for jeans at downeast. both were successful: we got delish cupcakes at sweet tooth fairy and some awesome deals at downeast (big star jeans for james and 2 dresses for me).
(there used to be a yummy yummy cupcake in there)

it was a good couple of days to recharge our batteries and spend time alone together and with family. can't wait for the next long WEEKEND!
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