Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is how WE celebrated:

dinner here:

concert here:
Mindy Gledhill was so cute! She didn't have much of a voice, so the concert became a sing along. But heck, who doesn't like to sing along to her songs?

Here's one of my faves! Seriously, go listen to it. It will make you
H A P P Y!

And a good time here: OUR seats!

The cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy were delish! I had cookies and cream. The frosting was to die for!

The decor at Velour (the venue) was quite interesting. This is only one of my favorites:

WE all had a good time. Even James and Jeremy enjoyed the concert. They got into it! We had a fun sleepover afterwards. Chels and I got the bed, and the boys got the couch, the floor, wherever they slept.

Tonight for FHE, it was OUR turn to host.

On the menu: Lemon grilled chicken, herbed pasta salad, veggies, cottage cheese and pineapple, crescent rolls, and Martinelli's to wash it all down with (for the romantic Valentine's feel).
It was a good, relaxing weekend. Not to mention, WARM! We took a walk after church and it was HEAVEN!

Bring on the week!

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