Monday, January 31, 2011

What's in a name...

This past Wednesday was New Beginnings/YW in Excellence.

I was in charge of making name tags for the girls to set up next to their display.

I did my best.

The program was really nice. Short and sweet. The girls did a great job with their displays and talks on the values. As a gift to the girls, we (the YW leaders) sang a song at the end. Instead of them having to practice and worry about one more thing, we thought it'd be nice for them to just enjoy. We also wanted them to see that we are also willing to participate. We sang "Walk By Faith" by Janice Kapp Perry. It's a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics, especially for the YW as it mentions each of the values.

We served brightly colored sugar cookies and an awesome slush! It all turned out so well and we had a great turn out with girls and parents.
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