Tuesday, August 3, 2010

diNnEr aT tHe rEd iGuAnA!

last weekend, james & i met up with some GREAT people to feast at the red iguana.

if you've never been there, go.

camille & dave went over an hour earlier to get us a spot on the 'list'.

boy were we grateful.

the rest of us showed up around 7, and we were seated at 7:30.

what a fun atmosphere!

we were seated near bright green walls, and our tables were adorned with very colorful floral print tablecloths.

the food was soooo goood!

james & i shared shrimp tacos as our appetizer and then chimichangas for our entree.

we were stuffed!


i wanted fried ice cream.


it was a super eating experience overall. not to mention the company was great!

afterward, my cousin's and their hubbys came over to see our place and of course, to visit for awhile. i love those guys!

enjoy some pics from our evening!

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