Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mY sUmMeR bUcKeT LiSt!

only 2 more days of work & then i am summer lovin!

here are a FEW things i would like to do during this break:


my summer bucket list!

1. go to lots of fireworks! (been twice already!)
2. eat at the oaks
3. buy a new wallet
4. jet ski
5. watch a few chick flicks that i have been dying to watch for awhile!
6. go 4 days without washing my hair (judge me all you want)
7. craft!
8. buy lots of fresh fruit
9. go to a drive-in movie with my darling husband
10. do a sesion at the logan temple
11. eat at 2 quaint places downtown i've heard about
12. add to my antique collection
13. lay out!
14. get a shake (or two) at midnight
15. go camping!!!
16. eat my dad's dutch oven chicken & potatoes
17. go to a play
18. make homemade bread & rolls
19. work out
20. read lots of books!

what's on your summer bucket list?

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