Tuesday, June 29, 2010

aN eVeNiNg oF miRaCLeS!

on friday the hubby & i packed up our car and headed south.

we picked up some strangers along the way (manda & mackay) :) and we were off...

to the mormon miracle pageant in manti.

we sang our guts out to songs that brought back good memories...oops i did it again..

(miracle #1:we didn't drive our husbands too crazy!)

we ate chicken, rice, and pineapple until our little hearts were content and then we were at our destination.

the town of manti was full of energy and lots of delicious smells!

i was immediately on a mission to find a funnel cake! you better believe we found them and savored every bite!james and i got ours with half caramel and half cinnamon and sugar!
(miracle #2:the funnel cake)

then we quenched our thirst with a gigantic twisted strawberry lemonade with cute little lemons on top...yum.

we found great seats and settled in for the production.

i was blown away.

i can't believe i'd never been until that night...i live in utah for crying out loud!

there was such a special spirit.indescribable!
(miracle #3: the story told there)

if you haven't ever been, GO! plan it right now! next year is your year! (maybe i'm the only one in utah who's never been)

when it was over, with sleepies in our eyes, we made our way to the car and started the long journey to fairview to stay at james' grandparents' property.
(miracle #4: that james stayed awake at the wheel)

it was such an awesome little trip! sadly enough, we didn't make it to a session at the temple (it's my favorite by the way!)but next time...

we will...

so get your calendar out and plan your manti trip for next summer!

it is full of miracles & delicious funnel cakes and lemonade!


Meggie said...

You guys are so cute! You make married life look so fun and it is, but I think you guys are having so much fun and I love that!

Meggie said...
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Barbaloot said...

Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I almost think the trip of getting to Manti and having fun with who you're with is better than the actual pageant...then again, I've seen it lots:)

So, I'm thinking we need to hang out soon. Like, before Cokeville. Why do we never see each other? I vote girl's night at my house: you, Brit, Whit, Kileigh, Camille and Manda. And anyone else who wants to come:)