Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i'm fEeLiNg oLd!

i'm feeling pretty old tonight. my mom informed me that tonight was the annual cheerleader/parent's meeting. it's the meeting before try-outs, letting parents and hopeful cheerleaders alike know everything behind a year of being a cheerleader. it includes, the rules,
the contract,
the expenses,
the practice schedule,
and it gets you excited to be a cheerleader.

when my mom told me this, i really thought it hadn't been too long ago that i was at the meeting...but then she reminded me that haley, my YOUNGEST sister, would be going to that meeting tonight. i was sick. she can't be going to that meeting. i went to that meeting like...holy...6 years ago...i feel old! haley should still be in diapers following me all over the house doing whatever i do. i can't believe this! she can't be going into 9th grade!

how did this happen???
where did time go?

i love this little girl.

she will always be my baby sister no matter how old and grown up she gets. i can't wait to see the grown-up she becomes. love you hay!

and just for fun...
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