Monday, January 11, 2010

anNiVeRsArY!, b-DaYs, dAnCe pArTy, & hiGh sChOoL mUsiCaL!

once again! lots of pics and not a lot of words! enjoy!

our 2 year anniversary! hawaiian paradise room at anniversary inn-helicopter tour of logan-dinner at hamilton's-shopping!

grandma dayton's 100th b-day party @ the joseph smith memorial building!

celebrating my 24th b-day with my family! new year's eve! cake done by whitney:kayla and haley helped :)

tori's sweet 16 dance! james and I were there to chaperone...we had a blast!

james' cousin doug stayed w/us last week and it was so fun to have him! james, jeremy, and doug=just like the good ol days!

friday night w/friends! chili's and then rock band!

north summit's musical: south pacific! kayla was so cute!

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