Monday, January 12, 2009

Anniversary 12-28-09 <3

Our anniversary!!! <3 James took me to stay where we stayed for our 'first 'night'! It was so fun! On top of that, he even had them look up our records so that we could stay in the same exact room that we had a year ago. Aww! We decided to have dinner at the Little America which turned out to be fabulous food! We also had a great time just being together and conversing over dinner. After we were completely full, we headed back to our hotel. We watched a movie and had a super fun night! The next morning while we were at breakfast, James brought me a surprise. The top tier of our wedding cake! I was so excited! We took it back up to our room and ate a little bit of it, and it was still very yummy! Such a fun anniversary! Thanks James Burdell! MWAH!

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