Thursday, March 22, 2018

st. patrick's day!

we started our st. patrick's day celebration friday night at pizza pie cafe. brooklyn's favorite place to eat. and honestly, i think it's becoming kendall's too.

then it was home to set up their leprechaun trap with their dad. they were so excited! james even read them the book how to catch a leprechaun before bed. they had a very hard time falling asleep. they woke up to gold coins (chocolate) all over the house, leprechaun kisses on their hands, and a note from that sneaky little leprechaun. they were ok with not catching him.

i was up bright and early to get the traditional rainbow pancakes made before i left for a workout class. they were so excited! adalyn slept through it and didn't eat her stack until i had gone. but the older two were pleased as punch to have a special breakfast.

when i got home they were bathed and ready to wear their green/spring matching shirts. they posed for some pictures and then wanted to do some leprechaun dance. i found a few cute videos on youtube for them to dance to and that was sufficient. they love holidays and they make all the work and effort so worth it!


that week we also got to celebrate my mom's birthday, complete with dutch oven chicken and potatoes. my grandparents and aunt were able to join us and it was such a wonderful afternoon celebrating together.

that week was also brooklyn's long anticipated week to be wizard of the week at school. we sent in pictures of her and her dad got to go talk to her class about his occupation. he even took a pig heart in for the kids to see and learn a little bit about the heart. at the end he handed out jump ropes to all of them as a reminder to do heart healthy things every day. they loved it and brooklyn was on cloud nine the whole time!

brooklyn had a monday off school and kendall was in heaven! they played all day together and kendall was so sad the next day when brooklyn had to leave for school. we can't wait to have her home for the summer!

brooklyn did kendall's hair and took this picture.

betcha can't guess who painted what?!

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