Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas 2017!

on christmas eve, we got home a little later than we planned, but luckily the two older girls were still in good spirits (after being woken up in the van!) enough to sprinkle the reindeer food on the lawn, get a cookie plate ready for santa, and be read to before the night was done. they were so excited!

james and i stayed up watching white christmas but honestly got to bed before midnight. a huge success for us!

the next morning, we let the girls sleep as long as they would, which ended up being about 8. then we let them eat some muffins and finally dropped the sheet to reveal what santa brought!

they were so much fun this year! they got lots of things to share, they were so excited to go through their stockings, and they literally squealed with delight opening presents. it made james and i so happy!

after presents, baths, and new matching pjs on, we were ready to head to nana and papa's for the traditional breakfast of sausage souffle & pecan french toast, and to open presents of course!

kendall spilled egg nog right off the bat, so excuse her nakedness. james and jeremy entertained the kids downstairs until it was time to do presents. i love this picture james got!

we all got spoiled and enjoyed our morning together!

after everyone went their separate ways, our little family headed home so the girls could play with their toys and james and i could sit down and relax. we finished white christmas and then headed back to nana papa's for dinner and entertainment provided by the girls! they danced and danced until we called it a night and headed back home.

christmas gets better every year and the older i get the more i appreciate my own parents and the sacrifices they made on my behalf this time of year. i'm also so grateful for my Savior and the special time of year we get to celebrate because of Him. brooklyn was so sad to 'say goodbye to christmas' and i couldn't help but join her. we love the excuse to be with family, give each other gifts, and carry that warm cozy feeling with us through the christmas season. we loved it this year and the girls are already counting down to next!

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