Wednesday, August 30, 2017

summer wrap up...

gosh, this summer, more than any other, flew by so darn fast! i really am not ready to let it go. i loved our weekly visits to seven peaks, the movies, and music at the park. i think it's good that fun seasons like that come to an end, and i think my girls are ready for what's next. but i just want time to slow down and keep my girls little!!!

so here's only just a snap shot of some things we did this summer!

splash pad with all the holmes cousins!

i went to a fun/super hard high fitness workout event at station park and the reward at the end was this delicious popsicle!

we loved swimming in nana and papa's (my inlaws) pool!

roses from our yard were very common on our table through july!

running through sprinklers, going to the park, and walks down to the tabernacle were weekly events! 

pizza at the pool...and goggles!

events up near family meant more cousin time!

we planted a garden this summer! here we are planting pumpkins for fhe one night.

seven peaks every tuesday ALL summer!

movies at the megaplex every wednesday!

dinner to go and music in the park most friday nights!

our first ever garden: peas, onions, carrots, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, squash, and pumpkins

brooklyn and kendall were invited to a tea party one afternoon and they loved it! complete with princess dresses and "pink tea" they still talk about this!

i made peach jam from the peaches in our backyard, and also made strawberry coconut jam! it was seriously summer in a jar! can't wait to eat it through the winter!

morning walks before church.

we got to go to the zoo with the gasu family and my girls loved it, especially brooklyn!

frequent stops at the bench on 9th!

walks around the temple.

my dad signed up my whole family to cook and work the lion's club booth at the fair rodeo one night. we had the best time being together. lots of laughs and good memories made!

the day before school started, we hit up the pirate ship pool one more time and got our first and only snow cones of the summer!

our last music in the park!

kendall got to have a cute little friend over for a play date and she begged to do a tea party. the dress ups were all them!

we finally did tinfoil dinners! my favorite! we topped it off with peach crisp and ice cream.

we only have 3 things on our bucket list that haven't been checked off! we're hoping to do at least two of them this coming weekend to wrap up this summer nicely. 

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