Thursday, August 3, 2017

24th Celebration in Cokeville...

the 24th celebration in cokeville, where i eat too much, don't sleep hardly at all, and love every second of it! this year was a little different though in that a lot of our family wasn't there this year. people were on other vacations or had other commitments and it made for the quietest year ever! hopefully it's back to it's chaotic masses of people state next year!

we all started rolling in friday evening. we ate dinner and sat around and visited until all hours of the night. my girls loved it!

saturday morning came way too early! we all got ready and headed down the street for the parade. the best parade in the world because it a. turns around and comes back (in case you missed something!) and b. the people on the floats throw tons and tons of candy! my girls both got a huge bag full. they loved being with cousins and eating the candy as the parade went.

then we headed home for lunch and naps. james and i attempted a stroller ride to the flying j for drinks to get adalyn and kendall asleep. we totally failed and ended up sweaty and tired ourselves. total rookie move.

later that afternoon, the tongas set up the most epic waterslide for the kids (and adults if we're being honest), and they spent hours out there! i seriously bet brooklyn went down at least fifty times. kendall not as many as the hill was a little trickier for her to climb carrying a tube. and i only got video of james going down alone or with one of the girls. the girls loved that too!

it made for such a fun afternoon and totally wiped my girls out!

that night there were fireworks, lots more food, and lots more visiting. so yes, another late night. so late that we opted to attend the 11 o'clock sacrament meeting cause the earlier one wasn't happening. after church we had a delicious roast beef dinner and then said goodbye and hit the road. my girls are always so sad to leave cokeville. they must get it from me!

on the actual 24th, james made a delicious crepe breakfast for us, we watched the days of 47 parade on tv, i went to a high fitness class, we got yard work done, and then headed over the mountain again for bridger bear's birthday party. all while finding out my mother in law broke her leg badly while doing yard work at their house. not a great way to spend utah's birthday. the girls loved being able to see her and give her hugs and know that she was ok.

when the 24th weekend is over i can always feel the summer rapidly coming to a close and i can hardly stand it! we only have about three weeks until school starts and i'm shoving every summer thing into our schedule that we can before we send brooklyn off to all day school! it really has been such a fun summer and we're going to make these last few weeks count!

(can you spot brooklyn's birthday $? she's obsessed.)

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