Friday, June 30, 2017

it is full blown summer!

we are full blown into summer over here and loving it!...mostly! this mama is already exhausted and hoping to slow things down a bit and find a nice steady pace or we will never finish this race of summer!

we celebrated father's day with breakfast at my in laws, church, dinner [steak, fries, and brussel sprouts], and then brownies and ice cream to wrap it up nicely! james does so much for our little family and he always ALWAYS puts us first. we're so lucky!

the girls just finished their two week session of swim lessons and once again, i was so impressed! this was our second summer with this family and it won't be our last! both brooklyn and kendall surprised me by being a lot braver than i thought they would be. by the end of the two weeks, kendall could put her face in the water and swim with help. brooklyn could jump off the diving board and swim with her face in the water over to the side. they loved going every day and were so sad to have it end!

one of our favorite summer bucket list items was crossed off last weekend when we went to talorsville dayzz. we love this tradition! and i loved that brooklyn was over the top excited for it this year! my in-laws came down and went with us and we had such a great time! dinner at red robin before and fireworks & music to finish it all off!

the saturday before father's day, we went to a little water activity at a business right by our house. it was a 'kiddie wash' and had lots of other water activities. my girls were in heaven! as soon as we got home from the activity, brooklyn made a 'kiddie wash' of her own. this girls is always creating something!

almost every single day last week, the girls were outside having a 'sister skinny dipping' sesh.

(i told her to cover herself and this is what i got!) 

brooklyn had a fun pioneer primary activity last saturday. she was so excited about it! they were told to dress in pioneer clothes, and this is all we could come up with.

that night we did s'mores at my in laws house. s'mores and summer are an obvious pair! we love them! well, my girls love to the roast and eat the mallows, not so much the whole s'more.

brooklyn lost her first tooth of the summer and she's been working on loosening up others ever since. this girl is all about the tooth fairy!

like i said, this first month of summer has already been pretty crazy busy and hopefully we'll find a good medium here in the next week or so. schedules are my love language and i know my girls thrive so much better when they're in place. but really, we're enjoying all things summer and have so much we're still looking forward to in the next several weeks!

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