Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the pumpkin patch.

this was our second year going to the pack farms pumpkin patch, and it was much colder! so, i came prepared with what i thought would be delicious hot chocolate in cute insulated cups. turns out, i'm a rookie and didn't keep the water very hot. so we had warm hot chocolate. the kids liked it though. next year i'll figure it out!

the other change this year was that they had a bunch of pumpkins already pulled from the patch so we didn't have to go get in the mud! it was fantastic! the kids loved looking at all the pumpkins and had the hardest time deciding which ones were the best for our porches.

it was mostly fun just to be with my mom and sisters. we don't have a lot of traditions that involve us just hanging out together. but i love this one! the kids love running around together, talking about their halloween costumes, and excited about their pumpkins! it's a win-win for all!

next year, we're getting my mom in one of these!

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