Wednesday, October 5, 2016

right now.

// brooklyn // 5 yrs.

our big kindergartener. brooklyn loves going to school every day. she loves the social aspect and loves that she can now sound out words. i miss her while she's at school. she's my big helper! i am so grateful that she is the oldest in our family because she is nurturing, motherly, and caring. she loves her little sisters hard. she's getting really good at cleaning her room and she loves to shut her bedroom door and surprise me with a clean room (with a few things stuffed here and there, we're working on it!) she lives for 'fun' activities before and after school. she asks that every morning, "what are we doing fun today?" her favorite restaurant is still pizza pie cafe and she can basically eat a full order of radiatore drenched in alfredo sauce all by herself. she lives for playing with friends and cousins and is in full fledged boss mode. we're working on that. she can memorize and remember like nobody's business. she's memorized her scriptures and talks for primary, and is really good at memorizing songs on the radio and books at bed time. her heart is big and loyal and i love her for that. she's also started tumbling and she loves it! 

// kendall // 2 yrs.

oh kendall kate. my little drama mama. she is in the thick of her terrible two's and every day is an adventure with her. she's a little character and has us laughing, even if we're furious with her. she is getting the majority of the discipline in our home right now. she loves getting up early to eat breakfast with daddy before he leaves for work, or flip on her bedroom light and play all by herself (not brooklyn's favorite way to wake up). and she will play by herself for hours. she has a cute little imagination and can entertain herself which is a huge blessing. she has become a picky eater and i struggle daily to find healthy things she likes. thank goodness she still asks for oatmeal every morning. she is brooklyn's little copy cat but definitely has a mind of her own. being the middle child has her fighting for our attention by the end of every day. she turns on the charm and melts our hearts and it gets her a little later bedtime and another snack. we are constantly shocked at her vocabulary. she will talk your ear off if you let her. besides being super sassy, she really is a sweetheart. she doesn't like to see anyone hurt or upset. she's the first to say sorry and give a warm hug. and yes, she loves olaf. like weirdly obsessed with him lately. it cracks me up when she asks for the 'olaf song' on youtube at random times of the day. 

// adalyn // 4 mos.

this little sweetie just likes to be held all day. sometimes she's content to just lay on the floor and watch her big sisters, but usually, she's happiest in my arms. she loves to be snuggled and is still eating every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. her smiles are biggest for her big sisters when they're talking or singing to her. mornings are her favorite. she wakes up so happy! she talks and talks LOUD. i think she feels like she has to be loud in order to be heard over her big sisters. it cracks us up once she really gets going. she's strong and can sit up with a little bit of help, but she shows no interest in rolling any time soon. i gave her baby oatmeal last week and she loved it! swallowing it is still a little hard, but she's getting it. she loves to join her big sisters in the tub and doesn't even cry at me that hard when i take her out to get dressed. really, she's happy if she's fed and being held by her mom. she's a tiny bit spoiled. but man i can't help it!

photo cred // my ever patient/talented sister Kayla

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