Thursday, September 15, 2016

first week back to school...

the first week of school at our house was exciting! every day brooklyn would wake up, eat her breakfast, make her bed, get dressed, and declare she was ready for school. unfortunately for her, school doesn't start until 12:45 (bless afternoon kindergarten!). she's slowly gotten used to going later now. but she can hardly wait to go every day!

she gets to ride to school with two other friends in our ward. not only that, but these three cute girls get to ride to school in a big red jeep. top down. it's adorable and they think it's the coolest. i'm also lucky enough that brooklyn gets a ride home most days as well. kendall misses her while she's gone, but she likes having the place 'to run' by herself. adalyn is a good little play buddy in that she doesn't take any of her toys, she doesn't boss her around, and she mostly just watches her. kendall loves it!

it's been nice to get back into a nice routine after a crazy summer of having a baby and moving (more on that later). we thrive on routine, and it's been nice to be able to still have our slow mornings for one more year until brooklyn's in full day school. 

our family has entered this next stage of life so fast! i can hardly believe i have a kindergartener! as much as i loved getting new students and learning to love them as their teacher, i prefer to be on this side of the classroom. being a mom and not a teacher is what i dreamed of for years and even though it's hard to send my little girl out into that big scary world without me, i am so excited for her! she's beyond excited, so how can i not be? she has big plans for her little life. she has so much she's looking forward to, and that helps her emotional mother be excited right along with her. 

but it's hard, and scary...

so here's to all the moms out there, sending their little ones out into world to discover and learn on their own. without us. we get to cheer them on from the sidelines and be their biggest fans! and i think the short absence makes our hearts a little fonder for them. 

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