Tuesday, December 8, 2015

pictures pictures + more pictures.

november brought three different photo shoots for us. and i love the results of all three of them! we hit up fotofly in kaysville twice and then holmes family pictures on a freezing saturday. Alyssa (@alyssasuephotography) does such a good job and the frigid temperatures were totally worth it!

the photo shoot with all of my parents' grandkids turned out cuter than i could have hoped. looking cute and cozy in their jammies and beanies, they cooperated and got us some pictures that will be treasures forever. 

the first photo shoot of the month was just my girls at the fotofly santa in kaysville. i dressed up as santa and my girls cooperated for ten minutes worth of pictures. they really were so good. kendall was especially happy about the cookie she got to eat. i love these pictures so much! they radiate that Christmas spirit and excitement of childhood and i look forward to doing this again and again in the years to come.

merry two weeks and a three days til christmas!

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