Wednesday, December 23, 2015

christmas cheer.

i really feel like we've done a pretty good job this month at not doing too much. we've really not over planned or overbooked ourselves and we've just been able to enjoy the season. the past two decembers felt crazy. christmas came and went and i felt like i had been holding my breath. we were trying to fit "it" all in and it really wore me out. but this year has been different.

(the girls in their christmas dresses from grandma)

the snow is partly to blame. the huge snow storms we've had days in a row have really forced us to stay in, sit by the tree, drink hot cocoa, snuggle up and watch christmas movies, and get wrapping done. i've really loved it. but i've also not had to go anywhere in it so that makes it different. the snow has also made my girls so happy. they want to be outside playing in it all the time! how can i say no to that?

their elf, dandy, brought them a snow man kit the day of the first real big storm and brooklyn was stoked to put it together. it was a fun little craft to do after playing so hard in the snow.

it really has been a winter wonderland and it brings the excitement of christmas!

brooklyn (and no help from kendall) made a 'snow volcano' one day and she was so proud of it. she kept looking out the window to make sure it was still there. it's things like that, simple memories and joy from building a snow man that are so important to me as a mother.

we did have one more big football game to get through this month and it was not a happy one for james. lucky for me, during the first quarter, my friends and i left and headed for the salt+honey market in slc. it was so fun to get out and do something fun with friends that was easy, no stress, and mostly just relaxing. it was an awesome handmade market set up at the old anthropologie at the gateway. i didn't plan on buying anything but couldn't help myself and bough a couple things. the best part was the free hot cocoa bar at the end, and sadly, the only thing i got a picture of that day.

we've gotten more snow in the past couple of days and that's meant more time playing outside. brooklyn really can't get enough. and here she is, doing what she loves in a nice fresh pile of snow, making a snow angel.

kendall loves brooklyn to pull her around in the sled. she gets in, lays flat on her back, and enjoys the ride. sometimes she dips her glove in the snow so she can have a little treat. it's the cutest thing to watch and brooklyn doesn't mind the hard work. 

james built brooklyn a tiny little sled hill right outside the front door and the night they were out there doing it, kendall got out one of my serving platters, hopped on it, and let me know that she'd like to be out there sledding too. it was the cutest thing. and i definitely got the hint!

james has come home every day in the last week and either snow plowed the driveway and sidewalks or played in the snow with the girls. i'm so grateful to him for that. he loves spending as much time as he can with brooklyn and kendall and they absolutely love when he plays with them. the snow just makes it ten times better!

the highlight of the weekend for the girls was probably their visit to santa. while we were waiting in line to see him, the girls could see him in a tiny window and were just shaking with excitement. i thought once kendall actually got in there that she'd freeze up and be terrified of him. but that wasn't the case at all. she dove right into his lap and started touching his beard. james and i (and mrs. clause) were all laughing!

i'm so sad this picture is so blurry!

we asked mrs. clause to join them for some pictures and she obliged. the girls just talked their ears off and then were so happy to get a candy cane at the end. it was so fun to see their eyes light up and really feel that excitement and magic of christmas. these two have made this christmas season one of most magical i can remember.

now we're two days away and i'm hanging onto every minute, listening to every christmas song, and really just trying to enjoy the last of it all. i can't wait to see the girls' reactions on christmas morning and spend time with so many that we love!

m e r r y  c h r i s t m a s !

p.s. i invited some friends over for a wrapping party one night and it was so much fun! i'd definitely recommend it. no one wants to sit and wrap presents alone. why not do it with friends and treats? i'm hoping to make it an annual thing, and you should too!
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