Wednesday, October 14, 2015

conference weeekend oct '15

i'm going to catch up on all our happenings this week, and i can't skip over conference weekend! it was simple, peaceful (mostly), relaxing, and oh so good for the soul. the talks were so good and i couldn't help but really love the ones about mothers + women. those are always such a good reminder and also give me that recharge that i need.

friday night, i finished up with the 40 day conference talk challenge! i loved doing that and i plan on doing it again for next conference. it had me spiritually fed and begging for more come saturday morning. james, bless his heart, spent the morning helping two families in our ward move so he didn't get to hear the morning session. he also hurt his back in the process darn it. he'll be blessed i'm sure! so it was just the girls and i that morning and they were so good to let me listen. brooklyn did some art, and kendall played quietly. it was really nice.

the next session, james picked up his cousin and his family from the airport and they joined us for the afternoon session. it's always fun to have company! shortly after, the boys were off to the priesthood session. at the conference center. they were really excited to be able to do that this year.

while they were gone, it was just the girls and i again and we got some burgers and fries for dinner and watched a movie. it was nice and relaxing.

the next morning, we were up early getting the girls fed and bathed because i had to be at the church to be set apart for my new calling (yw secretary!) and then we headed to coalville right after. my parents weren't there this year. they were down in arizona for kenzee's white coat ceremony and we're so glad (and jealous) that they were able to go down and spend a few days with them. we miss those two!

so, whit, kayla, and i planned and carried out a simple meal to eat between conference sessions and it was delicious! navajo tacos with all the trimmings. everyone was full and happy (and kinda sleepy) for the afternoon session. it was a little harder to listen with all of the kids running around like crazy, but that's all part of it. and i honestly wouldn't trade this time of my life for anything.

kayla and judd provided some yummy treats that helped us stay awake and the kids obviously loved them. 

i'm always sad when conference is over. but i think that's why they only do it twice a year. they know we want more and we know how good it feels to be so spiritually fed that we just count down the days to the next one. and that's definitely how i feel. 

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