Tuesday, July 21, 2015

cabin trip.

we decided before my brother and his wife moved to arizona for medical school that we better do a cabin trip with all of us. whit and chandler were so nice to organize and get the ball rolling with it. they made sure we all had rides up to the cabin and planned the meals and all that jazz. it was so nice to get 'away from it all' and just be with family. my girls loved it and were in heaven up there.

we ate well: burgers and all the trimmings that night, and a big sourdough pancake breakfast the next morning. it was great. everyone pitched in a little and it worked out that we ate like kings.

hitting golf balls into the pond is always a hit. brooklyn and liv were into this time. i still am not good at it and probably won't be. but that's ok. i enjoy the visiting and eating more.

that night, the guys went fishing and the girls...well we visited, and did a little yoga. 

it was a good evening, just relaxing and visiting, until i got a little sick. i ended up going to bed early and totally missing out. so i need someone to fill in this part of the post. i'm sure a lot of fun and funny things happened. 

gosh we'll miss having these two around all the time!

after a delicious breakfast and before a big ruesch family nap, i walked with brooklyn and liv down the hill a little to pick some wild flowers to make bouquets. brooklyn loved it! flowers are her love language. she ended up giving them to auntie hay. 

luckily, i started to feel better and i was able to enjoy the rest of our little stay up there. getting away and being with family, with no cell service, and just each other... really can't be beat. i love just hanging out with my parents, siblings/their spouses, and my little family. it's my happy place. and i'm especially happy that we got to do it one last time before dev and kenz moved. it will be such a great memory to look back on and tell my girls about. 

thanks again chandler and whit!!!


we got home a little tired saturday afternoon, but not too tired that we couldn't join our good ol friends in clinton for some fireworks. brooklyn was so happy to see shane and i always love hanging out with lee and darcie. they will be dear friends for the rest of our lives. i know that because i'll make them.  :)

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